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Note: The maps given here are no substitute for the OS EXPLORER or OUTDOOR LEISURE MAPS which are an essential tool for the field naturalist. You also need a 'map reading ROMER' which helps you to find or give a map reference by laying the corner of the clear plastic frame on the spot within the relevant 1 km map square and reading off the numbers to complete the map reference.

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Within the area shown above "my patch" consists of the SZ79, SU70 and SU71 Ten Kilometre squares. This is the area within which I try to record wildlife in detail and within which most of my outings take place.

The wildlife information given in this website is not restricted to my patch, but I have to rely on others to supply news from outside the area in which I spend my time.

We all have to set limits to the places we can visit and the time we can spend in the field - I would like to suggest that we would all benefit from (a) a more in depth study of a fixed area and (b) from sharing our information. That is what I am trying to do.

Langstone Harbour (North)Large scale map of the harbour and its shores
Farlington MarshesDetail for Farlington Marshes nature reserve
Thorney and CobnorDetailed map of sites in this part of Chichester Harbour
Havant, Leigh Park and EmsworthOverview of the Havant area
BroadmarshDetail map of this area
LangstoneDetail map of this area
WarblingtonDetail map of this area
South EmsworthDetail map of this area
North EmsworthDetail map of this area
Southleigh Forest and Aldsworth PondDetail map of this area
Sir George Staunton Country ParkDetail map of this area
Stansted and Southleigh ForestOverview map of this area
Hayling Island (North)Detail for this area
Hayling Island (South)Detail for this area

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Aldsworth Common RoadConnects Westbourne to Aldsworth7608Go to map
Aldsworth PondBy Emsworth Common Road south of Stansted House and north of Westbourne
Apuldram2km south west of Chichester near east shore of Fishbourne Creek
Autoliv FactoryBuilt in 1996 on north part of Langstone South Moors destroying much botanic and other wildlife and landscape interest7105Map
Baffins Pond
Baker's IslandPart of Langstone Harbour RSPB reserve closest to Farlington Marshes Point
Bartons Copse (Southleigh Forest)Copse west of main forest between Horndean Rd and railway7308Map
Bartons Road, Leigh ParkRuns east from Petersfield Rd to BUPA Hospital7308Map
Beachlands CentreThe point where the main road reaches the south Hayling shore at a large fun fair site. Here also is a Beachlands Office from which Havant Borough administers the length stretch of open heath and shore forming Beachlands East and West.7198Map
Bedhampton Mill PoolWest bank of Hermitage Stream north of A277006Map
Black PointSouth east of Hayling Island at Chichester Harbour entrance. Site of Sailing Club with public access on foot along a causeway.7499Map
Blendworth CommonBetween A3M and Havant Thicket south of Horndean
Bosmere SchoolIn Havant by A27 Langstone roundabout
Brickfields, North Hayling ('Pyecrofts field')Field on east side of north end of old railway from which clay has been dug to make special bricks, owned by Noel Pyecroft and potentially part of North Hayling Nature Reserve7103Map
Bridge Farm, Northney, HaylingNear south end of Langstone Bridge on North hayling7203Map
Bridge Lake, Langstone HarbourContinuation of Langstone Channel towards Langstone Bridge7104Map
Broad Lake, Langstone HarbourContinuation of Langstone Channel north west towards Broadmarsh7004Map
BroadmarshLangstone Harbour shore south of A3M and west of Budds Farm7005Map
Broadmarsh Playing FieldsBetween Harts Farm Way and A277005Map
Broadmarsh Slipway & CarparkAt mouth of Hermitage Stream7005Map
Broadmarsh small carparkOn shore west of main carpark - nearest to Farlington Marshes6905Map
Brockhampton/Bedhampton Gravel QuayAt juction of Hermitage & Brockhampton streams7005Map
Brockhampton Corn WharfPreserved basin where corn barges for a corn mill once berthed in Brockhampton Stream7005Map
Brockhampton Stream Short stream south of A27 at Havant running alongside Budds Farm7005Map
Budds FarmMajor sewage works south of A27 at Havant 1km west of Langstone7005Map
Budds Farm OutfallShort concrete pipe for overflow from sewage works7005Map
Budds Farm PoolsBelow Budds Mound north side these shallow pools will be retained for wildfowl after new water treatment no longer requires them7005Map
Budds MoundOld rubbish tip now with car acess to mound overlooking Budds Farm and Langstone Harbour south of Havant and west of Langstone7005Map
Budds WallSeawall below Budds Mound7005Map
BUPA HospitalJunction of Horndean, Bartons and Emsworth Common Roads on west side of Southleigh Forest7308Map
Carpark, Stoke Bay, Hayling (or North Hayling Halt)Carpark for Hayling Oysterbeds behind Essor Garage on main road in North Hayling7103Map
Chalk Dock (Broad Marsh section)North shore of Langstone Harbour east of Farlington Marshes and south west of A27/A3M junction6905Map
Chalk Dock (Farlington Marsh section)North shore of Langstone Harbour east of Farlington Marshes and south west of A27/A3M junction6905Map
Chalton Down3km east of Clanfield, 4km north of Rowlands Castle
Chichester Gravel PitsA series of disused gravel pits south and east of Chichester close to the bypass
ChidhamSmall village on Cobnor penninsula which lies between Bosham and Thorney Island on north shore of Chichester Harbour. A small public carpark (free) is available at the southern point of the public road system (Marked 5 on map). The road continuing south to Cobnor House & Activity Centre is private.7804, 7904, 7803, 7903Map
Chidmere PondAn extensive shallow pond in the grounds of a private house at the south of Chidham village. It sometimes dries up in the summer but has a resident breeding Swan pair and other wildfowl when full. It can be seen from the road and footpath skirting its south side 7903Map
Church NortonHamlet at mouth of Pagham Harbour west side
CobnorSouth point of penninsula on north shore of Chichester Harbour between Bosham and Thorney Island, facing Itchenor on south shore7803, 7903, 7802 & 7902Map
Cobnor Activities CentreA residential marine activities centre and sail training school based around Cobnor House 7902Map
Comley HillOn Horndean Road from Emsworth, west side of Southleigh Forest7308Map
ComptonOn Emsworth/South Harting road (B2146) 4km south of Harting Down
Copse Lane, North HaylingSouthern part of loop road serving Northney Village7202Map
Daw LaneNarrow lane connecting the main road to West Lane. Orchards on north side (now partly uprooted) attract winter birds and roadside ditches still have violets and primroses in spring7101Map
Deep SpringsOn Foxbury Lane north east of Westbourne. Springs/pumping here replenish the River Ems7607Map
Dell QuayHamlet on east shore of Fishbourne Channel of Chichester Harbour at head of navigable channel, 3km south west of Chichester
East HeadEast side of entrance to Chichester Harbour, 2 km west of West Wittering
East MardenA village on the west side of the Chichester to Petersfield Road 4km south of Harting Down
EastneyThe south east corner of Portsea Island on the west side of Langstone Harbour entrance6899Map
Eastoke, HaylingSouth east penninsula of Hayling, ending in Sandy and Black Points7498Map
East WinnerAn extensive sand bank running out to sea on the east side of the Langstone Harbour entrance channel6998Map
Elm Grove, HaylingMain shopping centre road in central south Hayling7299Map
EmsworthIn the extreme south east corner of Hampshire, 3km east of Havant, this is the largest town on the shore of Chichester Harbour
Emsworth Common RoadRuns east through Southleigh Forest and Aldsworth to Funtington and Chichester7308 to 7608Map
Emsworth ChannelRuns south of Emsworth through Chichester Harbour between Hayling and Thorney Islands with the county boundary down its centre7404 south to 7400Map
Emsworth HarbourNot an enclosed harbour this name applies to the north end of the Emsworth Channel where it reaches Emsworth. As the county boundary runs along the centre of the channel the harbour is partly in Hampshire and partly Sussex7405 & 7505Map
Emsworth MarinaOn the east shore of Emsworth Harbour and in Sussex where Thorney Island joins the mainland
Emsworth Mill PondIn the 12th century this was a navigible creek running into the centre of Emsworth, now dammed to retain water but drained once a month
Fareham CreekThe north west arm of Portsmouth Harbour through which the River Wallington runs inot the sea.
Farlington MarshesHampshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve on the north shore of Langstone Harbour6803, 6804, 6805, 6905Map
Farlington RedoubtNever a fort this dug out chalk pit at the east end of Portsdown, 1km west of the A3M, now houses a British Gas site but has wonderful wild flowers at its entrance from Portsdown Hill Road
Farm Lane, NutbourneThis small cul de sac road on the south side of the A259 in Nutbourne provides a possible parking place for visitors to Nutbourne Bay and the walk around Cobnor & Chidham. Coming from Emsworth you pass a straight stretch of road after Southbourne, go past the first minor turning on the right (School Lane) and take the Farm Lane turning on the right immediately beyond it. Park where the road widens outside the farm and walk south on a path to the shore beside the 'Nutbourne wet meadow' (mouth of the Ham Brook) which is excellent habitat for marsh loving birds7705Map
FinchdeanA small village by the railway 2 km north of Rowlands Castle
FishbourneA village with Roman remains at the head of the channel connecting Chichester to Chichester Harbour
Fishery Lane, HaylingHoliday Camp on south east Hayling shore with a small lake that can have good birds in winter7398Map
FleetlandsA long established but now disused naval helicopter airfield and repair base on the south side of Fareham Creek south of Cams Hall
ForestsideVillage on the northern edge of Stansted Forest 3km north east of Rowlands Castle
Fort NelsonThe westernmost of the forts on Portsdown, above Portchester. The fort house a museum of ancient guns but the carparks to the south are good for downland flowers and birds.
Fort PurbrookThe easternmost of the Portsdown forts above Farlington Marshes. Good for flowers and butterflies.
Fort SouthwickThe only one of the Portsdown forts to still have a military use as a naval HQ (though this may now have ceased to be used)
Fort WidleyAmong other things this is the HQ of the Portsdown Hill conservation project, overlooking Portsmouth City in the centre of the Portsdown ridge
Forty AcresNorth of railway and west of A3M/A27 junction6905Map
Fowley IslandA strange semi-artificial island 1km south of Emsworth in Chichester Harbour, nowadays the sea only reaches it at high tide and whatever it was constructed for it serves no purpose now,7604Map
Foxbury Lane, WestbourneRuns north east from south of Westbourne village7607Map
Gable Head, South HaylingArea of central south Hayling between St Mary's Church and Manor Road (still agricultural land with paths across it)7199Map
Great Deeps, Thorney IslandThis major water channel crosses Thorney Island and would make the southern half a true island if it were not for high seawalls at both ends. In the centre a road crosses it and the bridge has a military guard post (Marked 6 on map) The military fence runs along the south of these deeps with entrance/exit points on the public path around the coast (Marked 2 & 3 on the map). The Little Egret roost is 200 metres south east of point 2 and is best seen from the seawall north of the fence7404, 7504, 7604, 7403, 7503, 7603Map
Great SalternsAn inlet of Langstone Harbour, now closed off from Langstone Harbour, half way down the east shore of Portsea Island
Gunner PointThe south west point of Hayling Island with extensive and botanically important sand dunes and coastal grass/shingle6998Map
Gutner Lane, north east HaylingCul de sac lane to shore7302Map
Gutner PointOne of the most inaccessible places on Hayling Island it is half way down the east shore and is a very extensive saltmarsh with important flora and wader roost7301Map
Harts Farm WayRoad running from A27/A3m junction along north of Broadmarsh (south of A27) to Southmoor Lane and Solent Way6905/7005Map
Havant Road, HaylingMain road from Langstone Bridge to South Hayling7102Map
Havant ThicketA large area (north of Havant and west of Rowlands Castle) of Forestry Commission planted conifers, originally acid heathland, with public access as part of the Sir George Staunton Country Park.
Hayling BayRefers to the sea along most of the south Hayling shore7198Map
Hayling church (St Mary's)On Church Road, which becomes Elm Grove south of the church, in central south Hayling7200Map
Hayling Coastal Path (north section)Disused railway, now public path (foot, cycle, horse)7102Map
Hayling Coastal Path (south section)Disused railway, now public path (foot, cycle, horse)7101Map
Hayling FerryPassenger/cycle ferry connecting Hayling to Portsmouth6800Map
Hayling Golf CourseThe golf course (a true seaside 'Links') occupies most of Sinah Common and owns the shore south and west of the course.6999Map
Hazleton CommonNow a public open space managed by Horndean Parish Council it lies between the A3M and Cowplain housing south of junction 2 of the A3M
Hermitage StreamThe most important of Havant's streams it rises in The Queen's Inclosure at Waterlooville and runs through Leigh Park and Bedhampton to Langstone Harbour at Broadmarsh (much of it in a concrete channel to prevent flooding)
Hilsea LinesA mainly 19th century military defence line along the south shore of Portscreek which joins Portsmouth to Langstone Harbour and defines the northern shore of Portsea Island. Below the ramparts and forts a moat still remains.
Hollybank FarmOff Long Copse Lane south of Hollybank Woods7408Map
Hollybank HouseLarge private house abutting south of Hollybnak Woods7408Map
Hollybank WoodsPart of Southleigh Forest south of Emsworth Common Road7408 & 7407Map
Holly LodgeSite of house (now erased) in Hollybank Woods7408Map
Horndean Rd, EmsworthRuns north west from Emsworth Station towards Rowlands Castle7308 south to 7406Map
Hurst CastleNot in 'my patch' this fort is south of Lymington at the end of a long gravel spit reaching out into the Solent
Idsworth DownA southward continuation of Chalton Down it is 3km north of Rowlands Castle and is the southern part of the ridge running north from Finchdean to Chalton
ItchenorThis village, properly named West Itchenor, is the site of the harbour office and conservancy and focus of the sailing community. It can either be accessed by road from Chichester or by foot passenger ferry connecting to the Bosham penninsula 7901, 8001Map
Ivy Lake
KenchInlet on south shore of Langstone Harbour near the south west tip of Hayling. Now an local nature reserve (Hants CC)6999Map
Knotts Marsh, HaylingArea of shore south of Stoke Bay on north west Hayling7102Map
Langbrook StreamContinuation of Lavant Stream south from A27 at Havant down east of South Moors7105/4Map
Langstone BridgeRoad bridge to Hayling from Langstone7204Map
Langstone Channel, Langstone harbourMain channel running off west Hayling (North section)7003Map
Langstone Channel, Langstone harbourMain channel running off west Hayling (South section)7001Map
Langstone High StreetConnects main road to Hayling with the shore east of Langstone7104Map
Langstone MillOld water/windmill on shore east of Langstone village7204Map
Langstone (Mill) PondOriginally a header pond for the mill this important wildlife feature can be viewed from public path on seawall7205Map
Lavant StreamRises in some winters at Idsworth to run south through Rowlands Castle to Havant where it becomes the Langbrook7414 south to 7104Map
Little Binness
Little Deeps, Thorney IslandAn arm of the Great Deeps with less water surface and extensive reedbeds 7504Map
Longcopse Hill (and wood)East part of Hollybank Woods7408-7598Map
Long Copse Lane, EmsworthAlong south edge of Hoolybank Woods7407-7507Map
Long Island
Longmere PointThe south east tip of Thorney Island abutting Pilsey Island 7601Map
Lorry Park, Southmoor LaneAt junction of Southmoor Lane and Harts Farm Way, backing onto Brockhampton stream north of Budds Farm7005Map
Lymbourne StreamShort stream from Lymbourne Rd in Havant alongside old railway then to Langstone Pond7205Map
Manor Road, HaylingSouthern section of main road onto Hayling7100Map
Marker Point, Thorney IslandSouth west tip of Thorney Island 7402Map
Mengham Rythe, HaylingChannel of Chichester Harbour running from Black Point towards Tournerbury 7399Map
Mengham Rythe Sailing ClubOn south side of Mengham Rythe opposite Tournerbury Woods. Public path runs along the coast here past the club7399Map
Middle Marsh, Tounrerbury, HaylingIn this southern part of the east Hayling shore a small part of the unimproved coastal grassland still remains as an unofficial nature reserve, the rest has been turned into a golf course7300Map
Mid-way saltingsAn invented name for the extensive area of saltings half way down the west Hayling shore7001Map
Mill Rythe, HaylingChannel of Chichester Harbour reaching a large central bay on east shore of Hayling7201Map
Milton Common Lakes and Shore
Monks Farm, WestbourneEast of Hollybank/Longcopse Woods, north west of Westbourne7508Map
Monks Hill, WestbourneRoad running north east from Westbourne to Emsworth Common Road7508Map
New Brighton Road, EmsworthRuns north east from Emsworth station towards Westbourne7406 to 7507Map
New CutChannel cut east/west in seabed between Langstone and Hayling for Portsmouth to London canal destroying old wadeway7204Map
Nore Barn
North Binness
North Hayling fieldsLarge area of hedgeless open fields in central north Hayling7203Map
Northney Church (St Peter's)Village church of Northney, Hayling Island7303Map
Northney Hotel (Post House Hotel)Adjacent to Northney Marina on norht shore of Hayling7204Map
Northney Marina, HaylingMarina complex on north shore of Hayling Island7304Map
Northney MarshCoastal fields in north east corner of Hayling Island7303Map
Northney Open Space (or Hayling North Common)Land north of Northney Road and south of Marina now public open space7204/7304Map
Northney SaltingsMy name for saltings off Northney Marina (south of Warblington)7204Map
Northney Village, HaylingVillage in north east corner of Hayling Island7303Map
Northshore Road, HaylingPrivate houses facing onto the shore at the south east corner of Langstone Harbour7000Map
North Street, WestbourneRuns north from The Square near the Church to Monks Hill7507Map
Northwood Farm, North HaylingLocated south of North Hayling Fields by Stoke village7202Map
Nutbourne ChannelAt the north end of Thorney Channel (on the east side of Thorney Island) the channel splits into the Prinsted and Nutbourne Channels, the latter draining Nutbourne Bay7703, 7704Map
Old Farm Lane, WestbourneRuns south and east from Westbourne to Southbourne7507Map
Old Rail BridgeWas used by Hayling Billy railway, now only the basal concrete blocks remain west of Langstone Bridge7104Map
Oysterbeds (called both Hayling and Langstone Oysterbeds)Complex of bunded pools off north west Hayling shore7103Map
Pagham Harbour
Peter Pond (Emsworth)
Peter Pond (Farlington Marshes)
Pilsey IslandThis small, lagoon shaped island at the south east tip of Thorney Island, is an RSPB bird sanctuary which can be viewed from Thorney Island or the surrounding sands but visitors are not allowed on it 7600, 7700Map
Pilsey Sands, Chichester HarbourLarge area of sand south of Thorney Island and west of Pilsey Island7500Map
Pook Lane
PrinstedSmall village on the Chichester Harbour shore at the north east point of Thorney Island 7605Map
Prinsted ChannelDrains Prinsted Bay into the main Thorney Channel 7603, 7604Map
Purbrook Heath
River Ems (Westbourne section)Enters map at Deep Springs, joins tributary fom Aldsworth Pond, and flows south along county boundary7607 to 7508Map
River Street, WestbourneRuns alongside R. Ems from North Street past Deep Springs channel towards Aldsworth7507/7508Map
Round Nap, Langstone HarbourSmall shingle island, part of RSPB reserve7003Map
Rowlands Castle
Royal Oak pub, LangstoneOn shore at end of High Street close to Langstone Mill7205Map
Saltmarsh Lane, HaylingResidential road between West Lane and the harbour shore. Footpath through Denhill Close gives access to Hayling Coastal Path, the shore, and the copse seaward of the coastal path.7100Map
Sandy Point, HaylingLarge area of unchanged coastal heath now protected as a local nature reserve (Hants CC) at extreme south east corner of Hayling7498Map
Ship pub, LangstoneOn shore at north end of Langstone Bridge7204Map
Sinah Lake (also called Sinah Gravel Pit)A large abandoned gravel pit on the north side of Hayling Golf Course on Sinah Common. No used for fishing only. A good bird site.6999Map
Sinah WarrenHoliday Camp site on south west Hayling facing onto Langstone Harbour. Includes woodland and a pony stables with grazing fields6999Map
Solent Road, HavantRuns west from Park Lane South (connecting Havant to A27) towards Bedhampton, Broadmarsh and South Moors7106Map
Solent Way (Broadmarsh section)Shore path from Emsworth to Lymington6905Map
South Binness
Southleigh FarmSouth of Southleigh Road between Havant (Denvilles) and North Emsworth7307Map
Southleigh Rd, Emsworth sectionRoad runs from Havant (Denvilles) to Westbourne across North Emsworth7307-7507Map
South MoorsCoastal land west of Langstone between Langbrook stream and Southmoor Lane, Can flood at highest tides7105/5Map
Southmoor LaneRuns south between Langstone South Moors and Budds Farm sewage works7104Map
Southmoor Park industrial estateLater development after Autoliv Factory resulting in creation of HWT Nature Reserve on remainder of South Moors7105Map
Southsea Canoe Lake
Southsea Castle
Stakes IslandThis long thin island runs between Cobnor Point and Pilsey Island, and is nothing more than a line of salting and shingle held in place by a line of stakes. It was until recently a major Black Headed Gull nesting colony but as tides rise the gulls have deserted it for the islands in Langstone Harbour7701, 7801Map
Stanbury PointThis point mid-way down the east shore of Thorney Island (and north of Thorney Village) is artificially maintained by the seawall with low-lying land and pools within the wall 7603Map
Staunton Way (Broadmarsh section)Long distance path from Broadmarsh north to Butser Hill7005Map
Stoke Bay, HaylingBay south of Hayling Oysterbeds, much used by windsurfers7102Map
Stoke Village, HaylingOn main road in north west Hayling7102Map
Sweare DeepContinuation of Emsworth Channel towards Langstone off Northney7304Map
Sword SandsCentral sand bank in Langstone Harbour. Main gull roost area at night.6901Map
Tamarisk Pool, South MoorsSmall pool surround by Tamarisks and Blackthorn on channel draining the South Moors7104Map
Tesco store, HavantBetween Solent Road and A27. Path along east side follows Langbrook Stream to the South Moors7106Map
The Holt
Thorney airfield (marked on map as 'Old Airfield'Now disused as an airfield (but still a military base) the huge runways and landing lights remain from the time when Hercules aircraft were based here in the 1960s and 70s, and with a history as an RAF airfield since the 1930s when an aircraft crashed here and its pilot saw what a good arifield this flat land would make 7502, 7601, 7602, 7603Map
Thorney ChannelRuns north from the Chichester Channel to Prinsted and Nutbourne along the east shore of Thorney Island 7700, 7701, 7702, 7703Map
Thorney Island Runs south from 7505 to 7601Map
Thornham LaneThis lane runs east from its junction with the main road to Thorney military base and village to Thornham Point on the east shore of the island. Near the main road junction are sewage works, snd further along on the north side a minor road goes off to Prinsted. The lane gives good views over the marshes north of the Great Deeps and is part of the 'round the island walk' route - parties normally park at the main road junction 7504, 7604Map
Thornham PointAlso called Prinsted Point this is found at the east end of Thornham Lane. Within the seawall here the Chichester Harbour conservancy are recreating saltmarsh habitat by allowing a breach in the seawall to remain open (with a new wooden footbridge over the break to provide the seawall footpath). 7604Map
Tipner Lake
Titchfield Haven
Tournerbury, South HaylingArea of south east Hayling containing a large ancient earthworks within the woods (which have a Heronry) as well as Tournerbury Marsh, now a golf course.7399Map
Up Marden
Verner Common, HaylingPenninsula extending into the Mill Rythe bay on the central east Hayling shore7201Map
Wade CourtLarge house and (abandoned) ornamental gardens north of Langstone Pond7205Map
Wade Court RoadNorth end of Wade Lane (above A27)7205/6Map
Wade LaneOld track from Roman Road through Havant to Wadeway to Hayling Island7205Map
WadewayOld route from Langstone to Hayling7204Map
Warblington Castle Stream
Warblington Church Cemetery Castle and Castle Farm
Warblington Farm East Stream
West Lane, HaylingConnects the main road at Stoke village to the West Town and Sinah areas7101Map
West Lane bends, North HaylingSharp bends at north end of West Lane, Hayling7102Map
West Marden
West Town (Hayling)Western part of southern Hayling.7099Map
West Town StationSouthern end of Hayling Coastal Path (old rail station)7099Map
West Wittering
Westbourne ChurchSouth end of Westbourne village7507Map
Westbourne Cress BedsSouth of Westbourne Church on canalized section fo R. Ems7507Map
Westbourne Cricket PitchNorth of Westbourne, east of Monks Hill7508Map
Wickor PointOn the west shore of Thorney Island this point is an inconspicuous feature just south of the military fence 7403Map
Woodgason Lane, north east HaylingCul de sac to shore near Mill Rythe7302Map
Xyratex factoryOriginally built by IBM south of A27 off Langstone roundabout7105Map